Tidioute, Pennsylvania, A 2021 Heart & Soul Community

What is Tidioute Heart & Soul?

Tidioute Heart & Soul is a two-year planning process grant award that empowers people to shape the future of their communities,  improve local decision-making by getting the opinions of everyone who lives, works, and plays in Tidioute.  Using storytelling, residents work together to identify what matters most to the community, prioritize potential activities, and identify how those activities can be implemented.


The key to the process is learning what matters most to the community. Communities work to understand the demographics of their community and tailor engagement opportunities to get residents involved in planning for the future - especially those who don’t typically participate in the public processes. Residents learn how to gather stories from one another, which becomes the basis for articulating a community’s shared values and developing a unique action plan. As a result, communities become more connected, innovative, competitive, and strong.


Tidioute applied for and has been named a 2021 Heart & Soul Community.  We received a $12,500 grant from Pennsylvania Humanities Council for the first year of this process. From a grant-making perspective, the period of performance is March 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022. We expect to award a second $12,500 grant in March 2022 and for the entire process to be completed by March 31, 2023.


In Tidioute, the timing of this project is particularly appropriate because a volunteer revitalization planning group recently assembled that will now fold their efforts into Tidioute Heart & Soul. Partners for this project include the Tidioute Borough Council, the Tidioute Community Charter School, and the Pennsylvania State Championship Fishing Tournament. We believe Tidioute is particularly well-positioned to execute this project because of these key partnerships and established volunteer base, and a history of community organizing in the face of challenges. The community rallied to help create a charter school when their high school was closed; they opened a health center when other healthcare options were lacking. Now they face dwindling tourism because of COVID, the closure of the only bank in town, and the lack of a supermarket. Tidioute residents recognize that these challenges require a broader, creative approach to revitalization, which is why they have embraced the Heart & Soul process.


PHC signed a contract with Tidioute for $12,500 and wrote an award letter that shows our commitment to up to $25,000 in cash support over two years, plus training and technical assistance valued at $50,000 over two years. In-kind support from the community includes volunteer project coordination.   


Want to join the volunteer effort and help plan for the future of Tidioute?  Your opinion matters! 

Tidioute Heart & Soul volunteers meet quarterly and we would love to have you join us. Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of February, May, August, and November at 6:30 pm at Buccardo's Restaurant and more.   All you have to do is live, work, or play in Tidioute to join.  Not a permanent resident?  That's ok, we want to hear from you too.  All are welcome in the Tidioute Area so come tell us what you love about Tidioute, Pa. and help us plan for the future!    



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Want to know what we've been up to?  Read the minutes of our previous meetings below.  

August 2021 Tidioute Heart & Soul Meeting Minutes
Heart Soul August 2021 minutes.docx
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Tidioute Heart & Soul Meeting Minutes 11/18/21
Heart Soul 111821 minutes.docx
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Previous Events...

Community Bonfire a Great Kickstart!

The newly formed Tidioute Heart & Soul group recently held a community bonfire for the Tidioute Area as an introduction to the community and kickstart to their efforts.  The group was organized after Tidioute was awarded a Tidioute Heart & Soul grant and designated a Heart & Soul Community through the PA Humanities Council.    


We will host and attend existing events with the goal of reaching out to everyone in the community!  We're seeking everyone's opinion on what matters most to them.    We'll be asking questions such as what do you love about Tidioute?  What do you miss or want to see in Tidioute?  We will gather all your answers and based on them make a plan for the future.  Everyone's opinion counts so let your voice be heard!  Watch for future events as we bring the community together to discuss our goals and dream of the future!  

Fun was had by all during Tidioute Heart & Soul's Pumpkin Decorating Contest


Tidioute Heart & Soul held a pumpkin decorating contest during the Tidioute Charter School's first annual Fall Fest.  The contest was a huge success with several entries on display.  We thank everyone who participated and extend a special thank you to those who completed our survey.  Remember, your opinion matters as we strive to let everyone have a say in planning the future of our hometown.  We hope to hold this free family event again next year!

Tidioute Heart & Soul's Wish Upon a Star


Tidioute Heart and Soul recently participated in Tidioute's Second Annual Hometown Holiday event with a table featuring our "Wish Upon a Star" project. 


In order to find out more about what people need, want to see, and or love about our community, we asked participants to wish upon a star.  Wishes were written down on pre-cut yellow stars and hung together on a wall display.  What a beautiful sight!  The wishes of our children, friends, and neighbors being displayed in such a way brought hope into focus.  Hope for the future of our community!   


We had lots going on as our booth also offered wooden Christmas ornaments, an enter-to-win drawing to anyone willing to be interviewed by Tidioute Heart & Soul, and treats for the kiddos.  Our table was loaded with craft supplies to use to decorate those wooden ornaments, which were a big hit and a keepsake from Tidioute Heart & Soul.    

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