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Tidioute’s Ronnie and Joyce Wellner are creating a legacy for the town with development fund

J. Lauren Interior Design owner Delores Timco was presented with the first grant from the Ronnie and Joyce Weller Tidioute Development Fund to be awarded. Pictured, back row from right, are Kim Slocum, Joyce and Ronnie Weller, Delores Timco. Front row, from right, are Jim Decker (WCCBI), Rick Wagonseller and Cindy Lindemouth.

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Lease renewed for Tidioute boat launch area

TIDIOUTE — Tidioute officials have signed a 25-year lease with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for the 4-acre property along the Allegheny River.

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Little Free Library is latest community project for Tidioute

TIDIOUTE – The Tidioute community united again to support a town project by cooperatively creating a Little Free Library.

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Work for play TCCS, Tidioute Borough team up to tackle projects

For nearly two decades, the Borough of Tidioute and Tidioute Charter School have collaborated on beautification and maintenance projects in town.

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Blighted Panel talks Tidioute, Conewango Avenue Properties

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Tidioute Plans Hometown Holidays Friday

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American Red Cross:  "Sound the Alarm"

   The American Red Cross ‘Sound the Alarm’ event was held in Tidioute Borough on Saturday, Oct. 7. Red Cross staff and volunteers canvassed the community, checking smoke alarms in homes and replacing the alarms for free if necessary, educating families about home fire safety and building evacuation plans with residents. The volunteers ended up visiting 33 homes, putting in 109 smoke alarms and serving 85 people in the community.

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CDBG projects proposed in Tidioute, Clarendon 

    A project in Tidioute and another in Clarendon are potential focuses for the county’s 2023 Community Development Block Grant funding.  Both would bring stormwater improvements - High Street in Clarendon and Sheridan Street in Tidioute.  “We did the left side of High Street a few years ago,” Danielle Flasher, the county’s grants administrator, said. “(The municipality is) now asking for the right side.”  Flasher said the work would take about five weeks and cost roughly $200,000.  The other would install stormwater on Sheridan Street in Tidioute.  “They do not currently have a stormwater system,” Flasher said.  The proposal would install the service from Pleasant Street down to Main Street. Flasher said no estimate is yet available for that project but said she cautioned borough officials that it may be a project funded through more than one year’s CDBG allocation.  Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said there have been efforts to get a CDBG project in

Tidioute for a while. “I really think from the commissioner’s perspective (we should) do everything we
can to support it,” he said. “(It) would be a really great step in assisting them.  The two proposals will now go before a public hearing on Wednesday. Should the commissioners favor the projects, they
would then be included with the county’s application for funding.  A third project was proposed — curbing and sidewalk improvements on Center Street in Clarendon — but Flasher said a modification to an existing street reconstruction there.  “By the end of that project next year,” Flasher said, “all money outside of fiscal year 2023 will be spent.”  That can prove tricky at times given some of the strings that CDBG dollars come with.  It’s a funding stream that is relatively limited in scope and is specifically targeted to benefit low-to-moderate-income individuals.  

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Tidioute to hold inaugural Fun Days this weekend

Following a decline in attendance for its alumni reunion event, this year the community is trying something with a broader scope. The inaugural Tidioute Fun Days event is slated to run today through Sunday.

The event welcomes, “all people who have lived, camped or visited Tidioute,” according to information on the Tidioute Borough website.

“Attendance dwindled,” according to Heather Cass, one of the event organizers. “So we opened it up to a larger audience. Hopefully, as the event grows, it’ll become a bigger event that people will plan on and bring a bigger audience."

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Tidioute Receives Two Grants for New Playground

Tidioute Borough received two grants from the Community Foundation of Warren County to assist with the final funding of the cedar playground set installed at the boat launch area. A total of $25,000 – $15,000 from the Tidioute Institutional Fund and $10,000 from the Tidioute Area Community Fund – was presented to the Tidioute Borough in March. 

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Hits the Mark.... Local archer shines at National Archery Tourney


Lexis Drukenbrod, a senior at Tidioute Community Charter School, traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, last week for the National Archery in the Schools Program National Tournament. 

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Far-fetched Dock diving dog trains for National Championship

Walt Stover and his dog Millie from Tidioute, PA are headed to National Championship in Orlando, Florida.  See full article by clicking the link below.


Not that kind of belt

With her family ‘into arts and music,’ Lauren Timco focuses on ‘joint locks, choke holds, ... submissions’

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Group Image of students and teachers aid during Conservation Day 2019

Conservation Day 2021

Conservation Day was a huge success once again this year with a large number of participants on hand to make light work of many projects.  Students and Teachers from the Tidioute Community Charter School joined forces with the Tidioute Borough and community volunteers to participate in this annual event known as Conservation Day.  Students lend a helping hand in "sprucing up the town" while learning about conservation through community service. We would like to thank everyone for their hard work.  Our town looks great and the improvements can be enjoyed by all.  A special thank you to the 9th - 12th-grade students of TCCS, Ms. Kelly McKean for organizing this event, and to Mrs. Deloris Timco for her flower and design expertise.       

Warren County author pens book with references of Tidioute.

Warren County resident and author Judy Sharer, has written a sweet historical romance titled, Settler's Life, hold on to your dreams.  The book is the first in a family saga series titled, A Plains Life.  Book one follows a family from Tidioute, Pennsylvania in 1854.  For more information read the press release below or visit  The book is now available on Amazon in paperback.   Author Judy Sharer will hold a book signing at the Tidioute Public Library on October 3, 2018, from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with a reading at 5:30 pm.   

Book Press Release.docx
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Tidioute's reenactment made front-page news again on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 when an article was printed entitled "WISH LIST" after Tidioute was host to three visitors from Remagen, Germany.  Our newfound friends stopped into the Borough Office wanting to meet the people who put on this great event.  Read the full article below: 

Local Inventor showcased in Farm Show Magazine. 

Local resident and inventor Carmen Fedele was recently showcased in the following article published in Farm Show magazine. 


Simple Invention Turned Into 80,000 Sales

Carmen Fedele, Sr. worked in a truck maintenance shop back in the mid-1990s keeping a fleet of trucks in good repair, which often required repairing or replacing wheel seals.  "Back then we didn't have a tool other than a sled and pry bar to knock the seal out," Fedele says.  "Eventually the seal came out, but it was difficult and the bearing could easily be damaged."


One evening Fedele went home and started thinking there had to be a better way.  "I had a couple of pieces of 1/2 by 1-in. scrap metal in my shop and I used a hacksaw to cut a piece about 4 in. long, sharpened one edge, and bent it slightly so it would hook behind the seal."  Fedele then welded a metal bar perpendicular to the hook for a handle.  He tried the puller on a few seals the next day and it worked exactly as he thought it would.


Fedele's invention was so simple and effective that he had the idea patented in 1995.  In 2 years he made more than 1,500 in his shop and sold them himself.  "I had a band saw set up with jigs to cut the parts, and I bought the handles 100 at a time," Fedele says.


Fedele eventually sold the manufacturing rights to a company that's now owned by SKF Tools.  "They still make the tool nearly 20 years later the same way I designed it," says Fedele.  "The tool works on most tractor, truck, dolly, or trailer wheel seals.  I guess the idea was a good one because about 80,000 have been sold over the years."                Source: FARM SHOW MAGAZINE


Contact:  FARM SHOW Followup, Carman Fedele, Sr., 1 Main Street, Tidioute, PA  16351 (ph 814-730-9377).

Easy Ways to Help Save the Bees

Bees play a vital role in our everyday lives.  Here are a few ways to help save them from becoming extinct.

  • Plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden.
  • Choose native plants in a variety of shapes and colors to encourage diversity.
  • Don't stress over clover and dandelions in your yard, which is a haven for honeybees.
  • Limit the use of pesticides, especially while plants are in bloom.
  • Purchase local organic honey to support area beekeepers


Our School Is Growing!

For quite some time now our award-winning Tidioute Community Charter School has been growing by leaps and bounds.  Previous projects included the addition of a new music room and the acquisition of the large Victorian home adjacent to the school.  The school continues to progress and expand with a larger improved parking lot and circular driveway, and the construction of a pavilion on the playground.  


Another great success story is the FREE lunch program which provides each and every child with breakfast and lunch at no cost!  That's right, FREE to every student regardless of status!   We are TCCS proud!  Go Bulldogs!


Visit the school website to learn more at



Parents, please be aware Tidioute Borough has a curfew ordinance for anyone under the age of 18 years of age.  Curfew times are as follows: 11:00 pm Sunday - Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.   Ordinances are available for public view during regular office hours.  


Tidioute on the cover of "Remember When"

A photo of Tidioute made the cover of a booklet entitled "Remember When" which was included with the August 31st, publication of the Warren Times Observer.  The photo shows the Chocolate Shop on Main Street in Tidioute, PA  Owners: Joe and Thelma Sabella (1959-1969).  The Chocolate Shop was the original "convenience store" along with a lunch menu and became a local hangout for Tidioute teens, complete with pinball machines and jukebox playing those great songs from the '60s.  Up the street were the Mansfield Bar & Cafe and Christy's Market which of course is now known as Evan's Market. 

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